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Marketing Paintings: The 5 Keys to Success

Marketing is simply explaining how great your products are and why your client's need them, but for some reason marketing paintings doesn't seem that simple does it? Today I️ want to share my top 5 tips or "truths" as I️ like to call them that apply to marketing your artwork.

Truth 1: Effective and creative marketing doesn't feel like marketing

The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing, and the same is true when marketing paintings. You don't have to throw your product at your customer. Connect with them and hopefully that will turn into them connecting with your product. This will feel more natural and will be better received. Instagram and other social platforms are a great place to begin to create these connections.

When marketing paintings, for example, create reels, videos, blog posts and photos that tell a story of the piece. Make the client connect with you as an artist and therefore also your artwork as well. People buy stories, what is your to tell?

Truth 2: Marketing art comes down to understanding how humans think

Marketing is all about capitalizing on how humans think and marketing paintings is no different. Step into your client's brain. What causes them to purchase or feel like they have to have something? How can you make your work the solution to their wants and desires?

a. Create a Sense of Urgency

You can create a sense of urgency by hosting a sale with a deadline, offering a limited number of commission, or only having a few pieces of a certain style available.

b. The Scarcity Principle

Customers want what they can't have. Create a sense of scarcity by letting customers know when you only have a few paintings left or a few spots left in your art class. Please note that it is important to create authentic scarcity. You don't want to make people think you are lying or tricking them into buying something. Don't be deceitful about your work, your time or your offerings being scarce unless there is truth to it. People can sense inauthenticity and that could ruin your brand image very quickly.

Truth 3: Leverage testimonials

Testimonials and word of mouth recommendations are still one of the best marketing tools. Encourage your customers to share their experience working with you on a commission, share photos of pieces in their homes, or let their friends know about events you are hosting. I️ also love to create a "good work" folder on my phone and computer. In here, I️ include screenshots of different comments, emails, etc. that clients have shared with me. I️ then reference these later when looking for testimonials.

*Always ask for permission before publishing anyone's name

Truth 4: Build up credibility

Social proof builds credibility. Engagement on social media, working with other brands, and having real people vouch for you can all strongly impact your success as an artist. People buy from people that they know, like, and trust. In order to build the "trust" pillar, you have to be credible. This will take time, but will pay off in the long run.

One tip is write down every time you do a show, work with a gallery or designer, participate in an auction or event, or any other partnership that would warrant being on a resumé. Put that on your website as proof of your talent.

Truth 5: Use calls to action

Converting your art marketing into actual sales is fully dependent on calls to action. What use is marketing if you don't encourage people to go do something with what they learned. Include calls to action in everything you do. For example, if you are marketing paintings, you could share an Instagram post that includes a caption describing the inspiration for the piece but says "head to my blog to read more" or "click on the link in my bio to purchase." Other examples include: "purchase here", "comment below", "check out my blog", "subscribe", and more! Be sure to only use one per post to make it as clear as possible.

I️ hope these tips help you to get started on your marketing journey or help you to take your efforts to the next level. For more information, sign up for a 1:1 call with me (the first is always free) or join the membership today where I️ share weekly videos on topics just like these (starts at $10 a month).


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