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Meet Hayley


Hayley Price is a dedicated advocate and mentor for artists at every stage of their careers. With a rich educational background as a Studio Art and Business double major from Washington & Lee University, Hayley possesses a deep understanding of both the creative and commercial challenges artists face in the ever-changing landscape of today’s art world. Her journey has been shaped by a commitment to fostering growth, building relationships, and empowering artists to focus on their passion while she tackles the challenges that ultimately take them out of the studio.

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“I believe it takes an artist to know an artist. 

- Hayley Price

Hayley’s philosophy, rooted in the belief that it takes an artist to know an artist, guides her approach to supporting both emerging and established talents. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of an artist’s work life, which spans from creation to marketing, networking, website development, and managing finances, she offers support to those overwhelmed by these demands. Hayley’s extensive experience in starting and running her own art business, coupled with her success in growing both online and physical art galleries, has endowed her with invaluable insights into the art business world, insights she is passionate about sharing with her community.

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The Blog

At the core of Hayley’s services is a suite of personalized offerings designed to meet artists where they are. Through 1:1 coaching, a membership community, a blog, a podcast, and a wealth of free and affordable content, Hayley ensures that every creative finds the help they need at a price within their reach. Her approach is not just about providing solutions but about creating a space where artists can explore their potential and find their path to success. 

Beyond her consultancy, Hayley’s voice extends to platforms like the Art & Cocktails Podcast and The Product Biz Podcast, where she shares her expertise and insights, reaching a broader audience and enriching the art community with her wisdom and experience. Her participation on these platforms not only amplifies her impact but also aligns with her mantra, "Art for All." Hayley is driven by a vision of a world where art is accessible, and the process of creating, sharing, and investing in art is possible without intimidation and stress.

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Hayley Price lives by the philosophy that beauty is subjective, styles may change, but the memories and connections forged through art last a lifetime. Through The Scouted Studio, she strives to bridge the gap between artists and art lovers, creating a vibrant community where every member feels invited and valued. Her work is not just about supporting artists in their professional endeavors; it’s about making art an integral and accessible part of people’s lives.


In every aspect of her work, Hayley embodies the spirit of a mentor who is deeply invested in the success and well-being of the artists she supports. Her dedication to demystifying the art acquisition process and her efforts to make the art community more inclusive reflect a genuine passion for what she does. Hayley Price is more than just a consultant or a mentor; she is a visionary leader in the art world, committed to creating a legacy that celebrates the power of art to inspire, connect, and transform.

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