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Artists, Are You Wondering How to Grow Your Newsletter?

Your email list is the BEST tool to market and sell your artwork. Many artist ignore or rarely use this tool because they don’t have many subscribers and don’t know how to gain more. If you are wondering how to grow your newsletter than look no further. Today I will share a few easy ways to incentivize your audience to sign up for your list.


Growing your newsletter doesn't have to be hard. Sharing that you have an email list is the easiest way to start to grow it. Many people want to join and want early access to you work, but just don’t know that you have a newsletter. The first step to growing a list is sharing its existence with anyone who currently follows or buys from you. Your followers, prime customers, and favorite fans will be excited to sign up. A few ways to share include:

  • Announcing on Instagram stories or posts

  • DMing customers directly

  • Including it in your bio on Instagram

  • Creating a website pop-up

  • Sharing on your website or blog

  • Having a sign up sheet at events

Although this is a slower approach to growth, it works! Sometimes people need to know what they are missing!


Similar to announcing that you have an email list, sharing what your newsletter actually entails is necessary to get people to sign up. Consider the emails you receive. You signed up for a reason, either you purchased from them, received a discount, wanted early access, etc.

What are you planning on including in your emails and how frequently will they be sent? Share this with your customers! Your community wants to learn more about you and if you can demonstrate that your email is the place to do just that, then they are sure to sign up!


This is the easiest way to grow your list because it happens passively. All you need to do is connect your email provider to your store. Have it automatically sign up anyone who provides their email or makes a purchase.

*This is also a great way to gather analytics. You can see who purchased more than once or you can use it to send automated emails to repeat customers to thank them. Set this up as soon as possible and watch your list expand!


This is a great way to get a lot of signups fast while also increasing your sales volume. Simply offer customers a discount on their first purchase if they join. Once they sign up for the newsletter, they will receive an automatic email that includes their personal discount code.

You can offer the discount as a pop-up on your website, on your Instagram, on your Facebook page, and anywhere else people find you! This is dually beneficial because it encourages people to sign up and it encourages people to purchase while that discount code is top of mind and top of inbox.


A great way to grow your list is by collaborating with fellow creators and businesses that may have a similar ideal customer. Consider hosting an event together or going live. This allows you to speak to one another’s customers and gives you the opportunity to place your email sign up in front of more people.


A great way to strengthen your community is by sharing behind the scenes looks at you and how you run your business. As artists, our customers want to get to know us before they purchase. An email newsletter can be a great place to share never before seen pieces of work, secret behind the scenes videos, private blogs, inspiration, and more. This not only encourages people to sign up and read your emails, it also makes your fans feel like they are getting to know you and therefore are more likely to buy from you.


A freebie is another great tool to encourage customers to join your list. Take a look at your business and determine what you could offer for free to subscribers. A few ideas to get you started include:

  • A coloring page

  • A phone background

  • A print

  • A how-to guide

  • A video

The key with freebies is to make sure it is relevant to you, it is something that your audience actually wants, and it isn’t too costly.

Remember your list is always growing and you don’t want to get lazy with your marketing efforts. I recommend using these tactics every so often to consistently grow your list over time.

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