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Welcome to the Club

The Club is a vibrant, members-only community crafted for artists who are passionate about merging their creative talents with entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a refuge for those who not only wish to create but to connect, learn, and flourish within the art business landscape. Here, we recognize that an artist's path is laden with distinctive challenges and opportunities. The Club offers you a guide, navigating you through the challenges of crafting a rewarding art career. 

Where Your Art Meets Your Ambition

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Who is This For?

This community is tailored for creatives ready for action. Whether you're an emerging artist unsure about pricing, a mid-career painter in search of greater exposure, or a creative soul longing for connections with like-minded individuals, you'll find your place here.

Our ideal members are artists who:

  • Seek Community: You value the strength of connection, the learning that comes from interaction with peers, and the celebration of shared milestones.

  • Desire Support: You're in search of guidance, be it mastering marketing, enhancing your social media profile, or achieving balance between creativity and personal commitments.

  • Crave Friendship: You're looking for genuine relationships with individuals who share your passion for art and business.

Hayley has provided a valuable perspective and assisted me greatly as I have grown my business.  In our coaching sessions, she provides clear action steps and helps me set realistic goals. It can be hard, as artists, to continually put ourselves and our work out into the world.  And, Hayley’s encouraging, generous and positive spirit is always a bright spot in my day.

- Delie Putnam

What's Inside?

Learn & Grow

  • Exclusive Content Updates: Stay informed with weekly videos containing insights, trend analyses, and updates on how to build your business smarter and faster.

  • Extensive Resource Library: Unlock access to a carefully curated collection of resources, from marketing templates to creative exercises, all aimed at propelling your art business forward. See the full list of content inside of the library here

  • Additional Downloadable Resources: Gain access to downloadable resources like templates, ebooks and Hayley's infamous Financial Tracker to help your business grow. 

Find Support & Community 

  • Dynamic Communication Opportunities: Engage in meaningful conversations within an active community of artists, fostering inspiration, challenge, and motivation.

  • Collaborative Opportunities: Discover and engage in collaborations with other artists on projects and exhibitions, broadening your network and impact through our member directory.

Utilize Coaching & Accountability 

  • Tailored Coaching: Benefit from personalized advice and strategies delivered by Hayley, designed to honor and support your individual journey. (*specific tiers only)

  • Weekly Live Q&A Calls: Get direct support and guidance through live sessions with Hayley and other members, offering real-time solutions to your biggest questions. These will take place every Tuesday at 12pm est.

  • "Open Studio" Sessions: Enjoy office hour sessions with Hayley and other members where you can dive into your deeper business questions. 

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Darby Shea Boggs

I love the bite-sized videos and how practical the advice is, whether it is mindset or business related.

Kristen Whaley

She encourages me, guides me, and is a listening ear when it feels like I am on my own artist island!

Anne Wharam Thomas

Hayley is knowledgeable and kind!  The friendly approachable art coach of my dreams!!  She is open to ideas and truly wants to help us. Put that in your happy folder!
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Your Art Business Story Starts Here.

The Club is more than just a membership; it's a journey towards a life where your art and your income coexist harmoniously. It's for the artist who believes in the power of their dreams and is ready to embark on bold steps to make them a reality.

If you're in search of a community that provides support, friendship, and the tools needed to transform your art into a thriving business, your search ends here. The Club is where your story begins.

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Ways to Join

The Club Membership

$56 monthly

  • Weekly informational videos with Hayley

  • Weekly Q&A with Hayley and other members 

  • Office Hour Sessions

  • Member Directory

  • Full Content Library of Old Videos

$176 monthly

  • Access to all of the benefits of The Club

  • Access to a 1 hour 1:1 Coaching Call with Hayley per month

  • Ability to sign up for additional coaching sessions

The Club Plus Coaching

Join Us Today

Be a part of a community where your artistic and entrepreneurial aspirations are celebrated. Apply now to become a member of The Club and begin crafting the career you've always envisioned.

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