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How to Get Started on Pinterest as an Artist

I️ want to dive deeper into the other social media platform that I️ love…Pinterest! Artists ask me a lot of questions about Instagram and Facebook, but I️ don’t want you to forget about Pinterest.

Pinterest is most often used for inspiration and the most popular categories include fashion, food, and home décor. With so many people using Pinterest for home inspiration, it is a great space for you to get your artwork in front of clients actively improving their homes.

Unlike the social apps, the main goal on Pinterest isn’t to connect, instead, Pinterest is a place to find answers to your searches. Therefore, Pinterest is more similar to a Google than an Instagram. Because Pinterest is a search engine you will need to get into the mind of your Ideal Customer. What could you include in your pin title, text or image that would answer their search query?

Ex: Imagine you are pinning hand-painted ornaments. The client could have searched holiday gifts or Christmas décor, and both could potentially bring up your ornaments as a response.

Canva can be a great tool to create pins that include text or designs. This can help grab attention or better explain what your pin is linking too. For example, if you are linking to a blog post you wrote about hanging a gallery wall your pin could be a photo with text overlaid that says “5 Tips to Hang Your First Gallery Wall.”

Pins mature and gain popularity over time as they are re-pinned. Try to include evergreen content that will stay relevant into the future. If you feel stuck without enough to pin, try repurposing content from social media, your website, and more!

*Tailwind is a great tool to increase your following. You upload the pins all at once and they slowly pin them for you over time. (They also do this for Instagram).

For more questions about Pinterest check out our member portal where I️ have recently been posting more videos specifically about Pinterest or sign up for a 1:1 with me today!

*This article contains affiliate links and I️ will receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through one of these links , I️ only recommend products and services I️ actually use and love.


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