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Giving Artists the Tools They Need to Build the Business They Love


Starting any business can be intimidating, but starting an art business can be even more stressful. The time and effort that goes into creating, often leaves little time for other tasks such as marketing, networking, website development, and financials. Working with numerous artists, I have found that artists sometimes don’t know the best ways to use their time and attack all of these different challenges. I am here to help!


Through The Art Coaching Club, I️ hope to help artists feel more comfortable doing "business side of things" like financials, marketing, logistics and more. With a dual degree in Business and Studio Art, running an art gallery, selling my own work, and working internationally to help artists expand their careers, I️ can say that I️ know the art world inside and out. 

I️ want to provide accessible coaching, free and affordable resources, and a community where artists feel that they can openly ask questions free of judgement and receive the answers that will actually get them to the next level. Let's end the endless supply of "courses" and "classes" that don't actually teach you how to run your business and let's start implementing strategies TODAY that will get YOU to where you want to be. 


My goal is to get artists to a place where their business runs like a well oiled machine and they can get back in the studio doing what they love. 

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I have been absolutely loving the membership! Every bit of content is so helpful. I've enjoyed your podcast too! When I'm alone in the studio working, listening to you pour out advice & wisdom inspires me, motivates me, and honestly just gives me a sense of community! Thank you for being so generous with your practical knowledge and insight into the art world. I️ love keeping up & have already benefited tremendously!

The Art Coaching Club Mission

My mission is to figure out where you are in your art business and develop a strategy to get you to where you want to be through achievable goals that will create a lasting impact on your business.

Learn more about Hayley. 

I believe it takes an artist to know an artist. Graduating from Washington & Lee University as a Studio Art and Business double major, I know the trials that artists must face when attempting to navigate this ever-changing creative environment. Whether emerging or professional, all artists need an extra set of hands at times to help them to grow. Through in person consultations and getting to know each artist, I devise the best solution to give each individual artist the tools they need to grow, foster relationships and ultimately spend less time stressing over matters that keep them out of the studio.

I️ offer 1:1 coaching, membership tiers, a blog, a podcast, and so much more free and affordable content so that every creative can find the help they need and at a price that fits their budget. 

With experience, starting and running my own art business, growing an online and physical art gallery and coaching artists internationally how to better run their art business, I have learned the art business inside and out. As with any creative undertaking, every person and every plan will be different, so I offer a free session to set some goals and discover how I can help your business prosper and grow. We will determine your bottlenecks, areas needing improvement, and how to best utilize your time to increase productivity and drive sales so you can ultimately get back into the studio doing what you love.

*I do include some affiliate links throughout my website. Please go to my FAQ page t0 learn more. 

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