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The Instagram Scheduled Posting App That I️ Use and Why

I️nstagram scheduled posting apps are great to save you time, but what a lot of people don’t know is that they offer a lot more benefits than just that one. If you feel like you already spend too much time on social media, then a scheduler is just what you need. If you just want increased engagement, optimized posting, a quicker growing *authentic following, and tools to help you grow, then a scheduling app is exactly what you need. I personally use Tailwind as my tool of choice, so I am going to discuss a few of their specific benefits. If you are interested in testing out a scheduler, try them out here. They have a free account option where you can get to know the tools before you decide if their Plus plan is for you or if the free account is all you need. They also offer scheduling for Pinterest and Instagram so they are a one stop shop for social media. Now, that you know the basics, let’s dive deep into the added benefits of using an Instagram scheduled posting app like Tailwind.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. I was also compensated to create this post, though all opinions are my own.


We all want to grow our following, but we want to make sure we are attracting followers that will engage with our posts, buy our products, or will provide us with useful information. Using a scheduler tool is beneficial to do this for two main reasons. One, you can upload multiple posts and arrange the order and times you want them posted. This allows you to create a grid that attracts more customers. Second, Tailwind allows you to send posts at exact times (this can align with a launch or event) or they can post for you at the best times to reach more people.

I have used Tailwind for Instagram for about 3 years now and to give an example of how this works, I started 2020 with 3800 followers and ended the year with 6392. I wasn’t doing any crazy growth tactics or spending money on Instagram ads, this just came from using their tools.


Recently Tailwind added Tailwind Create, a tool that allows you to create custom pins (and Instagram and Facebook posts) and then post them at the best times. I played around with this tool when it came out, but I didn’t really start implementing custom pins into my social media strategy until the end of April. Look what happened. I first noticed that 91% of my site visitors were coming from Pinterest! Then I decided to look at my Pinterest analytics. The results speak for themselves.

After seeing what this tool did for my Pinterest engagement I definitely will add them into my Facebook and Instagram strategies as well. I also love their hashtag tool for Instagram. It has helped me pick the best hashtags to use and I can save different lists to use again and again. Below is results from a recent post. Look at the impressions from hashtags alone!

I also love their Smartbio tool to create a custom link in my bio. This tool even shows which links get the most clicks which really helps figure out which areas need more attention and what are top performers. I can add individual links to every picture I post so that interested customers can go to a blogpost or product page straight from Instagram. This has driven up revenue and traffic from Instagram on my website by making it easier for customers to reach the exact page they are interested in.


Finally, I love these tools because I can see all of my analytics in one place. I can see which pins and posts are top performers. This is very helpful for future marketing, targeting strategies and more!

I understand that my results my not be typical, but checkout Tailwind's typical results page for a more in depth analysis of results.

I love scheduling my posts obviously because it saves time, but I love it for so many more reasons. If you are ready to take the leap to growing your audience than sign up for a free Tailwind account today!


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