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Photograph Your Artwork With These 5 Easy Steps

As artists we have an eye for light, color, and composition. Ironically, many artists struggle to take photographs that require the use of these same techniques.

Whether you are promoting your artwork on social, email or your website, your photography NEEDS to elevate your work. Use these 5 easy steps and you will find just how easy it is to take great photos, then you can get creative with it!


One of the most important tips when photographing your work is to find a space with even lighting. This means no shadows or harsh lights. I recommend going outside when it is overcast or finding a big window in a well lit room to photograph your work. Stand in a position that doesn’t allow you to cast any shadows on the piece. In the example below we took the pieces outside and set them on a little ledge to photograph. The result is true colors, great lighting and no weird shadows or dark spots.


Using your IPhone is 100% ok, but think about all the places your phone has been. You don’t want blurry photos because your lens is greasy. All you have to do, is take your t-shirt and wipe off the lens before shooting.


If you can just take a step closer, why would you zoom? Zooming reduces the quality of the photo and often makes it less clear. You want your audience to see all of the little details in your work. This means not showing them blurry photos.


If you are taking photos of larger works for your website, it is helpful to hang the work and stand in the same location each time you take a photo. This will make your website look more organized. I usually put one nail in the wall and painters tape on the ground where I want to stand. This ensures I am taking photos from the same position and angle each time. Tripods are also a great option if you are prepared to make the investment .


If you haven’t checked it out yet, I have a free PDF for the 5 Apps I use Everyday for My Art Business and spoiler alert, Lightroom is one of them. Lightroom for IPhone is free and is a great way to finish you photos so your colors are just right and the lighting looks the way it does in person.

These 5 steps will ensure great photos every time, but let me share a few more quick tips for little challenges that you might run into.

  • Always have a few detail shots. If your clients only have the opportunity to view your work from photos on their phone or computer, you want to give them the best pictures possible. This means including a few detail shots to make sure they are 100% clear on what the piece looks like.

  • Your phone camera works just fine. If you don’t want to invest in a nice camera, you don’t have to!

  • If a piece is framed with glass, it can be difficult to get good photos. I recommend taking the glass out of the frame to photograph the work. If that isn’t a possibility, then I recommend taking a few shots of the piece before it is framed to show its true colors without any glass causing a reflective effect.

I hope you found this helpful! If you want more help or have specific questions consider signing up for a one-on-one coaching call or consider purchasing our new product for emerging artists Launch Your Art Business where we break down everything from shipping your work to pitching to galleries.


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