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November Book Club Announcement: Atomic Habits (2022)

I️ have something new to announce that many of you have been asking about... drumroll please… The Art Coaching Club’s November Book Club. Reading can be one of the most effective ways to boost creativity, boost productivity, and ultimately boost your career.

This first book, I️ read years ago, but it is the type of book that can be reread and the topics can be revisited and put into new context time and time again. I️ also wanted to start with a book that I️ know has proven effective in my life to ensure it will also be worth your time. I️ will be reading the book throughout the month of November, but I️ encourage you to follow along at your own pace. We all live busy lives, so read when you can! P.S. if you aren’t a reader, pick up an audiobook!

Throughout the month of November, I️ will share one Instagram post per week discussing a lesson from the book. For members, I️ will ask discussion questions that will hopefully encourage many of you to learn from each other and share your thoughts as you read this book. Finally, I️ will end November with a podcast that recaps both my thoughts and yours from the posts that I️ share and feedback that I️ receive. This November, we will be reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. I️ chose this book for a few reasons.

  1. I️ have already read it and know the impact it can have on a person’s productivity from personal experience.

  2. Almost every artist I️ speak to asks about organization, productivity, and how to best manage their businesses. I️ think this book gives artists the tools to do all of these things through developing strong habits.

  3. The book breaks habit forming down to actually make it attainable. (I️ don’t like self-help books that just ramble on without concrete steps)

  4. It is very highly rated and was the most recommended book from all of the artists I️ spoke with!

Here we go! If you are interested in purchasing the book, click HERE.

I️ do receive a small commission from purchases made with the links in this blog post. This in no way effects my opinion of these products and I️ only recommend books that I️ truly love.


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