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The Last 5 Products I️ Actually Purchased for my Art Business

Ever wonder where artists get their acrylic frames or shipping boxes. Well, I️ compiled a list of a few of my favorite art-related items just for you! If you have any specific requests for products I️ use, just drop them in the comments below!

Acrylic Frames - I️ use these to frame small paper pieces all of the time! Great for gifts or just to complete a piece. I️ found this specific brand and think they are worth the money. They are thick and heavy enough.

Boxes for Shipping Large Artwork - Shipping large artwork can be expensive and tough, but these TV boxes are cost-effective and great for art!

I️Phone holder- this one is a little weird, but as I️ focused more on reels I️ realized I️ needed a tripod of sorts for my Iphone. I️ love this stand because I️ can film myself or myself painting, etc, but it is very affordable. I️ chose this one because it's cheap to be honest. I️ wasn't sure if I️ would like filming myself so I️ purchased this cheap option, but I️ learned that it's actually great for filming other stuff as well!

Framing Source - Framebridge is a great, affordable frame source. It's great for a few reasons, one shipping too and from them is free. I️ can ship the art to them and then they can ship it to the customer FOR FREE! (This is great for larger pieces) They also have a tool where you can upload work and see what it will look like in all of the different frames. This is a great way to get mockups of your work framed for your website or to show clients!

Atomic Habits - This book really changed the art game for me. It taught me how to build lasting habits. I️ think it is an amazing read and will really help you develop habits to build your business over the long-term.

I️ do use affiliate links and may receive a small commission if you purchase an item from this list, but they are all products I️ truly use and love!

For more resources, product lists, and my favorite sources join the membership for artists!


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