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4 Reasons Why Every Artist Needs Testimonials

Everyone needs testimonials, but many artists neglect sharing them due to feelings of being to pushy or "salesy". Today, I️ am going to tell you exactly why you need testimonials and why it is necessary to share them with your audience to make their buying process smoother.


With an answer to every question at the push of a search button, we want to know exactly what we are buying, how it will arrive, and if it will look great before we ever press “purchase”. Testimonials can be a great way to answer your clients' worries before they pause to ask or worse abandon their cart.

Showing off how wonderful a client commission turned out, or how easy the commission process was, can be a wonderful way to answer your clients’ questions before they even ask.


Word of mouth marketing is vital to the growth of your business. A great way to share what people are saying is to simply tell your audience what your previous clients have said about you. Social media and your website are both great places to showcase testimonials and just how much your clients love working with you.


Pricing is often a pain point for artists. We want to charge how much we think we are worth, but often the pressure to sell or the fear that we aren't good enough leaves us underpricing our work. Testimonials can be a great reminder to you and your audience that you are worth exactly what you are charging!

*For more tips on pricing set up a short 1:1 pricing coaching call with me.


Testimonials are a great way to show off just how much your clients love what you do. If a client sends you a raving review, absolutely share it with your audience! This will send a clear message to new followers, new subscribers, or internet passerby's that you not only provide a spectacular product, but that you also are dedicated to your clientele.

Customers want to know that you care about them and the best way to show that you care is to make them feel special. Showcase testimonials that demonstrate how you “went above and beyond”, “took the extra step”, and “created exactly what they wanted”. This will make new clients excited to buy from you!


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