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My Instagram Post Visibility Has Gone Down... Now What?

Many of you have reached out about Instagram recently and how your post visibility has decreased. I️ am in the same boat, but I️ want to share what I️ learned, how I️ pivoted and what I️ am doing on Instagram and beyond to still sell my work.

It is no question, Instagram’s algorithm can be a real pain in the butt. It is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up. Being in the business of selling art, we also have to take on the role of social media managers. Even though that isn’t necessarily what we signed up for it naturally became a part of the job. So, earlier this summer when my Instagram views went down I️ decided to do some research.

First I️ noticed that my posts were not getting my normal reach even when I️ posted a paid advertisement (which I️ rarely do). I️ also saw a drop in my reel views. I️ still saw them performing better, but their reach went down as well. I️ did notice, however, that my stories seemed to be getting a reasonable reach so I️ pivoted and started really putting more emphasis there.

When I️ made this pivot I️ realized things started to go up again. I️ also started incorporating more simple reels, which I️ dive into in more detail in the membership this week. I️ also incorporated more carousel posts to boost views. This all helped, but I️ still wasn’t where I️ was before so I️ made a change…

What did I️ do? I️ leveraged other sources to reach my audience. One, I️ put way more emphasis on my email both growing it and sending out content. This looked like sending more emails, but also including a lot more valuable information in those emails. Yes, this took a little more effort, but guess what, the analytics proved that email was worth my time.

Second, I️ brainstormed other ways to reach my viewers. I️ considered TikTok, but I️ felt that it wasn’t a great fit for me. I️ started the podcast, which definitely is a lot of work, so I️ don’t recommend that for everyone. Finally, I️ started putting effort into my blog again to give people more content and selfishly a reason to come back to the site.

I️ also launched applications for the October Emerging Artist Show, which definitely boosted site views from artists.

You might be asking, ok but what can I️ do? What you can take from this is that any event/new work/exciting partnership/etc. can be a great tool to get people back on your site. You also can and need to avoid putting all of your eggs in the proverbial Instagram basket. The algorithm is always changing and will change again. You don’t want to be too dependent on one platform. I️ always encourage use of email, but blogs, FB groups, in-person meet ups, events and partnerships are great as well.

I️ hope this gives you a little information into how to build your business even if Instagram is no longer working in your favor and also provides encouragement that you aren’t alone. We all are facing these changes and learning along the way.

I️ hope this helped and for more information on Instagram’s changes, business tips and more, sign up for the membership or listen to my podcast!


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