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How to Save More Time Using My Favorite Websites for Artists

Are you interested in saving more time? Are you tired of spending hours of every week behind your laptop? Look no further because I️ compiled a list of my favorite websites for artists that are designed to save you time and get you back in the studio and out from behind your desk.

This blog may include some affiliate links. If you choose to click on them I️ may receive a small commission at no cost to you. I️ only recommend sites I️ use and love.

These are two of my favorite websites for artists looking to ship their artwork themselves. If you are taking your work to a local FedEx or UPS store you are spending so much more than you have to. I️ purchase all of my own shipping supplies. (You can find that list here.) Then, I️ print the labels at home. These two sites compare costs for you and get you better prices. With shipping getting more and more expensive, and customers becoming more accustomed to free shipping (thanks a lot Amazon prime), now is the time to save where you can.

These two tools will definitely save you money, but will also save you hours spent sitting in line at the UPS store. I️ batch ship all of my work. Twice a week, I️ package up all of my work, print the labels (yes, you can just use a regular printer), and then just drop them off. There are on lines which has saved me hours over the course of my business. If you are ready to make shipping a breeze and stop wasting hours in line, then these two sites are worth your while.

I️ don't know if you are anything like me, but I️ can spend hours in an art supply store. I love perusing the shelves, purchasing new supplies, and talking to other artists. I️ am not telling you to stop going to local art stores, in fact, I️ recommend supporting local and exploring what new tools and supplies are available. Instead, I️ am recommending buying in bulk and buying your regular supplies online.

Sometimes, I️ just need to purchase a pack of canvases or a bunch of white paint. Websites like Blick are wonderful money and time savings websites that can help artists spend more time in the studio. When you have someone request a commission, you can simply go to their site, purchase the supplies you need and get right back to work. What usually might take an hour or two now just took five minutes!

I️ offer tons of great resources for artists built to save you time! Beyond just my templates, there are so many free and affordable resources built to save you time. For example, my Financial Tracker saves you time on budgeting and finances. My Commission Contract Template saves you time every time you need to right a contract. Spending $10 for example on one of my templates could save you hours in time wasted. What is your time worth?

Check out all of my resources on my Etsy page.

I️ talk about Canva all the time, but it really is an all-in-one tool for graphics. Whether you need to design a logo, a newsletter, or an Instagram post, you can do it all in Canva. You can also save your fonts and colors to use every time. This not only improves your branding but it saves you so much time creating content.

I️ love this Instagram and Pinterest scheduling tool. I️ can schedule all of my posts for both platforms at once and not think about them again all week. This saves me time because I️ am batch-working and I️ am not getting on those platforms every day to post, which leads to more time wasted scrolling and commenting.

I️ highly recommend using this tool or another similar scheduling tool to get you off of social and into your studio.

This one is not exactly a website solely for artists, but it has given me HOURS back.

I️ will admit it, I️ took the easy road and went for a meal delivery kit. I️ am a huge fan of cooking, but as my business grew, I️ just didn't have time to meal plan, go to the grocery, and cook as much as I️ would have liked. Because of this, I️ found myself making pasta every night or boring chicken and rice because it was what I️ had on hand. I️ needed greens and more flavor in my life, but I️ didn't have tons of time.

I️ finally started using HelloFresh and it changed the game for me. The meals are actually good, they have large portions, many don't take long to cook, and with inflation rates where they have been recently, I️ actually think I️ am saving money. This isn't for everyone, but if you find yourself lacking the time to make a proper dinner or lunch, then this is for you!

This is my favorite website for artists or for any business owner really. Klaviyo is my email platform and it has contributed to 40% of my business sales in the past month. So for those of you that hate on email, look at those numbers.

Email tools can save so much time that would otherwise be spent on social media begging people to purchase. Email is a warm lead and the little bit of time that goes into one email is much more likely to convert.

Secondly, with Klaviyo you can set up various automations and flows that happen without you doign anything. Just set it and forget it. I️ have abandoned cart emails that go out, thank you emails that go out, and even an email that goes to all returning customers giving them 10% off their next purchase as a thank you. This drives more sales and more repeat business. If you don't have an email platform set up yet, then I️ recommend signing up for Klaviyo here today.

I️ hope you enjoyed this round up of my favorite websites for artists that will help you to save time. You can learn more about time saving by listening to my podcast or joining the membership today!


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