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How Batchworking Can Change Your Art Business

Spending your time multitasking will lead to more mistakes, less productivity, more stress, and the worst part...we can’t actually multitask. Instead, we just go back and forth between the different tasks without ever putting full effort into either. As entrepreneurs, it is so easy to fall into the multitasking trap…so what is there to do?

Batch work!


The concept is simple. Batch working involves setting aside time for each task and only focusing on that task during the allotted time. To be successful, you will have to train yourself to avoid the temptations of multitasking, checking your phone, or straying away from the task.


A great way to begin batch working is to build a schedule. Is there a certain time when you are more productive or more creative? Build your batch working around your emotional levels. If you are more creative in the mornings then build in an hour to paint then. If you are less focused in the early evening then do your mindless tasks then.

I also recommend finding times to plan out all of your email marketing, all of your social media, and all of your website updates. I personally use Tailwind on Mondays to schedule my Instagram posts for the entire week, Canva to build logos, marketing materials, social posts, and more, and other apps to keep my schedule on track. I plan newsletters weekly and update my website every few days. I also take time at the beginning each month to put all of these times into my calendar to make sure I stay on track.


  • Place the blocks of time in your calendar (I use google calendar)

  • Use a timer to stay on track

  • Block distracting apps on your phone or even turn your phone off during allotted times

  • Check off the tasks that are least exciting FIRST

  • Find apps that help you to succeed (check out my 5 favorite apps to save time here)


After speaking to many batch workers, I find that people feel a sense of mental clarity. You know that feeling when you just have the perfect day? Every thing goes as planned, you check off everything on your do list and you are excited to get back to work? Batch working allows this to happen even more often.

You also will feel more successful because you will be! When you batch work you get more done and that will lead to big changes in your business!

You will be happier! Who can complain about that? When you get more done at a higher level you will not only be more successful, but you will also find that you have more free time. This isn’t free time you have to make for yourself while you are thinking about the tasks you are procrastinating doing. Instead this is true free time because you got the work done!

We love batch working and we want you to see the results as well!

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