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Improve Your Studio Aesthetic with My Top Tips

I️ believe that the key to great artwork is having a great space to create. Whether you have all the space in the world or just a tiny area in your apartment, this article will share all of my tips on how to make your art studio a place that you want to walk into every day!

The keys to a beautiful art studio are: organization, a place to showcase YOUR artwork, and design moments that speak to your interior style. You want a space that is not only functional, but also inviting and beautiful. A space where you would want to hang your work. This will inspire your creativity and have you eager to go to work every day. Today I️ share a few of my favorite products to add to your studio today!

This article includes affiliate links. Know that I️ only recommend products that I️ love!


Lighting is so important to create great art, but not every studio comes with tons of windows! If you don’t have a lot of natural light, you need to invest in great lighting. Many studio lights are not the prettiest…but lucky for you I️ found some options that will be perfect for your space.

Lighting for your Hanging Artwork - I️ believe you should have your artwork all over your studio walls. You want to live with it, fall in love with it, and constantly be surrounded by your own talent. These lovely lights are a great way to showcase your own artwork.

Non-Obtrusive Lighting for Your Work Station - You also need proper lighting over your work area. I️ like this particular option because it is flexible and can move to fit your needs, but it also isn’t going to take up a ton of space.

Remote Controlled, Dimmable, Circular Lights - These are great for under cabinets, in closets, or anywhere you want a little more light. I️ know studios can be in dark corners or odd spaces. These easy to install lights are the perfect solution for make-shift studios.


As artists, we are not always the most organized, but if you want to be productive you need to know where your supplies are at all times. I️ love these tools to help you find exactly what you need when you need it.

Art Storage Rack - Organization is the key to a beautiful studio and to a booming business. This art rack is an easy and affordable way to keep track of your canvases.

Art and Brush Rack - This all in one storage system makes it easy to always find what you are looking for!

Side Table With Charging Station - This can be used as a place to put down your brush but it can also charge all of your devices! I️ love keeping cords to a minimum and this does just that!

Clothes Hanger Storage - All you need is a few clothes hangers and a clothing rack or closet and you have a super simple system to store your work on paper!

Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

We also need tools to help our business to grow like a desk, office supplies, and more. Unfortunately, to grow an art business we do have to step away from the easel and step in front of the computer, but these tools should make that process just a little bit easier.

Clear Calendar- The perfect touch that will also keep you on track for all of your business goals!

Reusable Acrylic Palette - A messy palette, but making it aesthetic!

Adjustable Artist Desk - This stylish, yet functional drafting table can function as a desk, easel, drafting table and even raises and lowers so that you can shift between sitting and standing! This allows you to tackle your business tasks and commissions all in one place!

Large Cork Board - There is nothing like an old fashioned cork board. I️ love walking into an artist’s studio and seeing a cork board turned into a mood board! This is such a great way to gather inspiration (step aside Pinterest, let’s go old fashioned) and add a personal touch to your space. You can also gather smaller cork boards for commissions and client projects and attach notes, fabric swatches, and more to help you to visualize what they want.

Design Touches

Finally, we want the space to feel like us, like a place we would want our art to live, and a place where we want to go every day. These are the final details and touches to make a studio feel special to you.

Mix and Match Vases and Glasses - I️ love the idea of putting flowers, brushes or other supplies in vases instead of traditional cups. It is a small touch that can boost the aesthetic of your space.

Larger Vases for Brushes- These are some larger mouthed vases that could be great for brushes or even water for cleaning brushes.

Beautiful (Washable) Rug - This might not be resistant to paint stains (I️ recommend a drop cloth for your paint areas) but a beautiful rug, even a small one can change your space. I️ love Ruggable because they are washable! Great for a high traffic, dirtier space like a studio!

Plants! - Adding greenery is not only good for you, but it also livens up (literally) a space.

Comfortable and Stylish Desk Chair - If you want to be excited to work, you need to be comfortable.

Mirror - Ok, so this one has two purposes. One, a mirror can make a room look bigger and can add a stylish touch. Two, it really helps to look at your art in a mirror. Sometimes looking at your work in this way can help you to see flaws with the piece. (Taking photos with your phone also helps.) My art teacher made us do this all the time!

I️ hope you enjoyed this list. Want more? Listen to my podcast and consider joining the membership for even more tips and tricks!


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