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How Many Podcasts are There for Artists?

How many podcasts are there really for artists? Creatives ask me this all the time! Artists are looking for more resources like my podcast where they can listen to interviews, learn about their art businesses, and more. Today I️ share a quick round-up of my favorite art & business related podcasts.

This podcast features short interviews with a variety of artists. I️ think this podcast has some great creative tips and wonderful insights into how artists got to where they are now. I️ think this podcast focuses more on artists stories and creative strategies than business tips but there definitely are some of those sprinkled in as well. If this sounds like something you would like, then add this podcast to your rotation!

This is an amazing marketing podcast. Biweekly, Jenna Kutcher shares her marketing tips, her personal stories on how she grew her own business, and interviews with huge players in the entrepreneurship space. She also has hundreds and hundreds of episodes, so I️ love to scroll through her backlog and find marketing topics that resonate with the questions I️ have in that moment. If your marketing needs a little pick-me-up then this is a great podcast for you.

On this podcast, Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher discuss various artistic topics and make light conversation on all things creative. It is inspirational, funny, and a light-hearted art-focused podcast. It feels like you are listening in on a coffee conversation between two friends. I️ love the different creative topics they discuss and think this is another fun one to add to your line-up.

This is another podcast not exactly for artists but I️ think his inspiration talks are great for anyone aiming to run their own business. He posts short podcasts EVERY WEEKDAY. (I️ can't imagine doing that haha.) I️ love scrolling through, finding relevant topics and listening to the short and punchy episodes. I️ feel like I️ have learned great lessons on time management, confidence, growth, goal setting and so much more. I️ think this is a great podcast to add to your lineup.

Finally, I️ recommend my podcast! I️ created my interview-based podcast to fill a hole in the market. As shown above there are art-focused podcasts and there are business and marketing focused podcasts, but I️ didn't see a ton of podcasts doing both. My goal with this podcast is to create a community of artists that are not gatekeeping, but instead are sharing how they did it. How they went full time. How they scaled their business. How they reached out to influencers or galleries or interior designers.

If you have found yourself asking, well, how many podcasts are there for artists, then I️ hope this helped you find your answer!

If you are looking for a great free resource to help you to grow your art business then this podcast is for you. Give it a listen today!


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