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How I️ Grew My Email List by Nearly 50% Last Year

Maybe you have heard the rumors or maybe you haven't, but I️ am here to tell you that if you are an artist then you need an email list. Most artists know this, but they find themselves turning to social media instead...why... because they don't know how to grow their list. I️ want to share the secret that grew my email list by nearly 50% this past year.

As a general rule, email subscribers are 10 times more likely to interact with your content than Instagram subscribers. That's a very high stat. This means we need to focus on growing our list of email subscribers just as much, arguably 10 times more, then focusing on our Instagram followers. The problem is that anyone will follow you on social media but not everyone wants another email coming to their inbox every day. How do we overcome this?

You have to offer them something of value. What can customers gain from your email list that they wouldn't otherwise gain from just clicking on your website or following you on Instagram? Is it a discount, exclusive content, a behind the scenes look, a quiz, or something else?

I️ think all of these ideas are wonderful and should be used, but I️ love giving away something of value. This year I️ have given away a few different freebies. Most recently, I️ have shared my free template to find your Ideal Customer. Why do art coaching clients click on this? Because they want to know who their customer is!

This is beneficial for a handful of reasons. One, I️ capture their email list in exchange for the document. Two, they get to see what I️ offer and how it is valuable, therefore warming them up to the idea of buying from me, working with me, or joining the membership. Three, the people who want a document about finding their ideal customer are probably my ideal customer because they are actively looking to grow their art careers.

So, now you are probably asking, "Ok great, but what can I️ offer as an artist?" I️ want you to think about what you can give away for free that your ideal customer would want, that would help them to make the decision to purchase from you vs. someone else or not at all, and would appeal to the types of people that want to spend money on art. This could be a guide to picking art for a room, a gallery wall hanging guide, a guide about art value increase over time, a guide about how-to hang a level painting, and so on. The possibilities are endless, but think about your customer (use my tool if you need to) and what they would want in exchange for their email.

Once you have this idea create it in a program like Canva and you are on your way! You can shop my Etsy shop for examples of PDF's that I️ have created in Canva. Join the membership to watch a video where I️ record my screen as I️ put together the flow that allows my website to capture emails through this freebie pop-up! Enjoy!


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