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How Can Artists Improve Their SEO?

Are you an artist or creative looking to improve your online presence? Do you want to learn how to create a successful website that showcases your work and drives traffic to your site? If so, you won't want to miss this episode featuring Blair Staky, a web designer and SEO expert.

Throughout the episode, Blair shares valuable insights into the world of web design and SEO, emphasizing the importance of keyword research, updating old content, and using Pinterest as a visual search engine to drive traffic to your website. She also provides tips on how to put together a successful website for artists, including being upfront and honest about pricing, creating a branding strategy, and diversifying income streams.

But Blair's expertise doesn't stop there. As a creative herself, she understands the challenges and opportunities that artists and creatives face in the online world. She knows how important it is to balance the business side of things with the creative side, and offers practical advice on how to do so.

One of the most important takeaways from this episode is the importance of incorporating flexible creative time into an artist's routine. Blair understands that creativity can't be forced, and that allowing for more flow and ease in the creative process can lead to better work and a more fulfilling career.

Overall, this episode is a must-listen for any artist or creative looking to improve their online presence and take their business to the next level. With valuable insights and tips from a web design and SEO expert who understands the creative process, you're sure to come away with actionable steps to improve your website and reach a wider audience. So don't wait, tune in now and start taking your online presence to the next level!


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