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5 Reasons We Need to Set Boundaries and Take A Break from our Work

Boundaries are important, but how many of us actually know how to say no and take a step away from. Our work? Today I️ want to share five easy ways to set boundaries and take time off.


This is probably the most obvious reason any of us decide to take a vacation or break from work. If we work, work, work until we retire, then inevitably there will be a time when we burnout.

I️ find that many artists can’t say no. We are creatives and therefore idea people. The thought of new opportunities excites us and that leads to overcommitting. We say yes too often and then don’t even have time to slow down or a project excites us so much that we undercharge and ultimately regret agreeing to pursue it.

If we learn to set boundaries and take calculated breaks we can avoid the stress that often leads to burnout.


Studies have shown that our brain performs best when it switches between periods of high energy work and more mindless work. During the periods of intense thinking, we are working our brain muscles. Similar to working out, these muscles need a break after use. This is a great time to switch to more mindless tasks. Often during these periods of “rest” we actually come up with our best ideas!


Being an artist is hard. It can often be lonely and late nights in the studio alone can quickly turn from thrilling to overwhelming. A key reason to take periodic breaks (during the day and for longer stretches of time) is to give yourself time away from your art so you are excited to come back to it later.

Have you ever that feeling, “I️ HAVE TO PAINT?” I️ want you to have that feeling more often. Taking time away is a great way to feel this excitement again.


Many artists fear that if they don’t say yes to everything they might miss their big break or a great opportunity. While I️ agree that we should be open to new opportunities, the longer you work as an artist, the more you will realize, it isn’t worth saying yes to everything. If we say yes too often, we take up our valuable time and often don’t end up producing our best work.

Take the time to set boundaries on what you will say yes too and what will have to wait. This will not only open up your calendar but will allow you more time to do what you want.


Creativity is dependent on creating. We must constantly work our creative muscle to grow it, but we can take breaks from our studio work and flex this muscle in different ways. Take a hike, take an art class in a different medium, do something outside of your comfort zone. These little breaks will allow your mind to stay fresh and not fall into a rut of constantly creating the same thing over and over again.

I️ hope you found this article helpful! To learn more about how to actually set boundaries and take time off, sign up for our membership and watch the exclusive videos or sign up for a 1:1 coaching session with me today!


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