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20 Things to be Thankful for in Your Art Business

20 Things to Be Thankful For in Your Business

1. Selling Your First Painting

2. Creating an Instagram Account for Your Business

3. Sharing Your Artwork with the World

4. Working with Your First Gallery

5. Discovering Your Style or a New Way You Like to Create

6. Befriending Another Artist

7. Hitting a New Sales Goal

8. Building Your Own Website

9. Having Your Artwork Photographed or Learning How to Photograph Your Own Work

10. Shipping Your First Piece

11. Sending Out an Email Campaign

12. Working with a Designer or Building a New Business Relationship

13. Submitting your Work to a Show or Gallery

14. Going Full Time with Your Art Career

15. Creating a Collection You Absolutely Love

16. Getting Organized and Building a Schedule for Your Art Career

17. Creating More This Year Than Last Year

18. Trying a New Material

19. Updating Your Branding or Building a Brand for Your Art Business

20. Hosting Your First Collection Launch

Now take some time and think...what are you thankful that you accomplished this year?
Sometimes we need a friend to remind us what we are thankful for. Join the art coaching membership today and enjoy friendly reminders of everything that you have accomplished.


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