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Where to Donate Art Supplies Near Me

If you are anything like me then you love loading up on new art supplies and maybe spend a little too much at the art supply store. Hey, we can’t all be perfect. But, do you ever wonder where you can donate art supplies instead of letting it fill your studio? Donating art supplies is a great way to support the arts while reducing clutter in your home. This guide will help you find local organizations near you that accept donations of art supplies.

Search for Local Charities and Non-Profits.

To find places to donate your art supplies, start by doing an online search for local charities and non-profits that collect donations of items like art supplies or craft materials. Look for organizations such as schools, churches, art centers and community support groups that are in need of supplies. When I️ was in college we started a non-profit that taught after school art programs and we routinely collected supplies from the college students to use at those events. It was such an easy way for students to get rid of unused supplies at the end of the semester and made a big impact on our area's public school's art programs. It could be as simple as donating those extra brushes that you never use or canvases that sizes aren’t quite the right size. Make sure to contact the organization directly before bringing in any items as donation requirements may vary.

Check with Schools, Universities, Churches and Community Centers.

Many schools, universities and community centers accept donations of art and craft supplies for their students or for use in programs. Art teachers are always looking for donations to help their classes learn about new techniques and mediums. Contact the school district, local universities or community centers in your area to find out more about donation requirements. Donations of art supplies can often be eligible for tax deductions, though you should always check with the organization directly as individual requirements may vary.

Contact Art Supply Retailers or Companies.

Contacting art supply retailers or companies can be a great way to donate art supplies near you. Many retailers will happily take donations of gently used art supplies which can then be passed onto local schools and organizations in need. Check with stores and companies near you to see if they have options for donation. Be sure to ask what supplies they are most in need of at the time, as different organizations may have different needs.

If you are starting your spring cleaning, then consider ditching the old supplies and giving them a new life through donation. A clean studio makes for a clean and creative mind. I️ find that restriction and having less to choose from allows me to create my best work. With that in mind, clean out your studio and sift through what supplies are new or gently used and could be given a second life.

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