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Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing for Artists: A Conversation with Hayley and Malia

As an artist and a podcaster, I recently had the pleasure of hosting an enlightening conversation with Malia Schreiber, the owner of Millennial MRKTG, a digital marketing agency that specializes in small businesses. We delved into the importance of marketing for artists and how it differs from other industries. Here are some key insights from our discussion.

The Visual Aspect of Marketing for Artists

Malia emphasized the visual aspect of marketing for artists, which plays a key role in attracting customers. We explored different marketing platforms, starting with Instagram, a popular platform for artists due to its visual nature. Malia highlighted the importance of consistency in posting on Instagram, recommending at least four posts a week. She also emphasized the significance of video content, suggesting that artists can easily create time-lapse videos of their creative process.

The Art of Repurposing Content on Instagram

We discussed the importance of repurposing and reusing content on Instagram. Many artists and business owners miss out on the opportunity to repurpose their photos, videos, and graphics, thinking that they are no longer relevant. However, users actually enjoy seeing the transition and growth of a business or artist over time. Creating content that showcases the "then and now" can demonstrate progress and evolution.

The Power of Authentic Engagement on Instagram

We also addressed common mistakes people make on Instagram, such as inconsistency and overthinking the need for a curated and professional-looking feed. We stressed the importance of engaging authentically and connecting with other users on the platform. Instagram wants users to spend time on the app, engaging with others through likes, comments, follows, and shares. We advised against relying solely on likes as a measure of success and instead focus on building deeper connections with followers.

The Value of Facebook and TikTok for Artists

While we both admitted that we are not personally big fans of Facebook, we acknowledged that it is a necessary platform to have a presence on. Facebook attracts a demographic that may not be active on other platforms, making it a valuable tool for reaching a specific audience. We also expressed our love for TikTok and its exclusive focus on video content. TikTok requires more content to be successful compared to other platforms, but it can be a great platform for artists who already create a lot of visual content.

The Significance of YouTube and Pinterest for Artists

We highlighted the significance of YouTube as a platform for artists to showcase their expertise and teach their audience. We also emphasized the value of repurposing content from long-form videos to create short-form content for platforms like Instagram and TikTok. We then shifted to Pinterest, which we believe is a highly underrated platform for artists. Pinterest is a visual search engine and artists should take advantage of its visual nature to share their work.

Converting Followers into Website Visitors and Email Subscribers

In terms of converting followers into website visitors and email subscribers, we stressed the importance of having a clear call to action and providing incentives for the audience to take action. We also addressed the balance between selling and being authentic, suggesting that artists should not overthink it and just naturally share their offerings without worrying about being too salesy.

The Importance of Tracking Link Clicks and Email Marketing

We discussed the importance of tracking link clicks in social media stories. I shared my personal experience of focusing on the number of link clicks rather than the number of people who saw my stories. Malia agreed and added that email marketing is a powerful tool that should not be overlooked. She mentioned that email is her biggest source of business and encourages artists to utilize it.

The Value of Consulting Services for Artists

Finally, we discussed the importance of consulting services for artists who may not have a background in marketing. We highlighted the need for guidance and feedback to ensure artists are on the right track and thinking about their marketing strategies correctly. We both emphasized the value of consulting for every business, as marketing is constantly evolving and it can be challenging to keep up with the changes.

In conclusion, our conversation underscored the importance of understanding and utilizing different marketing platforms to effectively promote an artist's business. Whether you're an artist or a small business owner, I hope you find these insights helpful in your marketing journey.


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