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A Complete Guide to Framing Your Art on Canvas

Should You Consider Framing your Art on Canvas and What are the Benefits?

Are you looking to elevate your work on canvas, give it a polished look, or maybe you just don’t feel like the work is complete? Consider framing those pieces. Framing art on canvas can give a classic, professional look and increase the value of the piece. But I️ don’t think every piece needs a frame here are some things to consider:

  1. Are your edges painted? If not, it likely needs a frame to make it feel complete.

  2. How much is your Ideal Customer willing to spend and if you purchase a frame for your work will they be able to afford the higher price.

  3. Does your work generally sell well unframed? Then it might not need a frame.

  4. Is this work going in a gallery and do they require certain frames?

If you decide that framing is for you, then here are some of the benefits.

  1. It adds a polished look.

  2. It can increase the value and allow you to raise your prices.

  3. It can complete the piece and make it appear “finished.”

*this article includes affiliate links. Everything I️ recommend I️ stay by!

Before You Purchase: 3 Essential Tips to Choose the Perfect Frame for Your Canvas Art

Choosing the right frame for your canvas art can be a difficult task. After all, the frame you choose can make or break the look of your artwork. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with these 3 easy tips. With these Iideas, you’ll be able to find a frame that not only looks great but also complements and enhances your artwork. Here is what to consider

  1. Price Point: What is the cost of this frame? Will the frame cost increase your overall cost so much that your Ideal Customer will no longer want to purchase the piece from you? Find frames that look great and are in your budget. I️ will touch more on this later.

  2. Design: Find frames that compliment your artwork. For art on canvas, my favorite option is a float frame. These are simple, sleek designs that just add something extra to the paintings without making too much of a statement. Remember the frame has to fit your client’s home as much as the art, so simpler is often better.

  3. Ease of Assembly or Pre-Assembled: Depending on if you purchase the parts and assemble yourself, purchase the frame and assemble, or go to a local framer, you need to consider this step. Are you capable of building a frame? If not, purchase a pre-made frame that just requires a few screws to put together. If you are willing to spend even more, then consider going to a local framer and having it all done from start to finish for you.

My Favorite Websites for Easily Framing Art on Canvas

Framebridge is my go to website for framing artwork of all kinds. They offer tons of stylish and well made options that are lower than a custom framer but are a little pricier than some of the other sites that I️ will mention. One of the biggest draws for Framebridge is that shipping is free. You can send them your work and they can frame it and ship it directly to your customer all for FREE! That is worth the money! Also, they have a great program for artists where you can save 10% frames just by signing up!

Ampersand frames are another favorite and they are available on Blick and some sizes are also available on Amazon. Many artists trust these frames and they get the job done. They are an easy, classic choice. The one downsize is because they are pre-made, they are only available in common sizes.

If you are looking for some originality, Etsy has great frames made by small business owners. I️ love shopping here when I️ can to support other creatives and artisans.

Finally, Picture Frames is an affordable and easy option. They send the frame parts and all you have to do is pop in the canvas and screw it into place. I️ have used them a handful of times and have had great success. This is also a great option because you can choose your size down to the 1/8” inch, so if you need precise sizes then this could be for you!

I️ hope you found this helpful! For more helpful tips listen to our podcast!


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