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5 Steps to Re-invent Your Brand for Growth by Janelle Martinez-Cruz

As we grow our small business, we have highs and lows. We may even feel like we’re in a rut. As artists, it is important to evaluate our progress but, it is also important to enjoy every bit of it. We must feel proud of our brand and what we’re creating.

Branding is the face of our company. Even if we draw something different every day, at a glance, your branding should introduce you and your artwork. This past month, I had to re-evaluate how I was introducing myself and my artwork to others. I was starting to feel like my branding was irrelevant to who I was and who I wanted to attract as my market. I asked myself these simple questions: Who exactly do I want to attract? Who do I want to collaborate with? What do I love about creating? What makes me happy?

After answering these questions, I started to develop a plan to grow my business the right way. Here are 5 steps I took to re-invent my brand for business growth.


Take the time and write down who you want following your Instagram, website, and other platforms. This will set the tone and help dedicate yourself to this particular market and niche.


As an artist and designer, this was my favorite step! If you don’t feel up for the task, hire a graphic designer. You can also take a design class specifically for branding. Keep in mind, this step will establish an introduction to you and your artwork. Start by creating a new logo. Then, choose a color palette. Lastly, create a mood board.


Social media has made it all about algorithms but, if you change your appearance, you are more likely to grow your business. For example, make sure your bio or about page is professional but true to you. Be sure to share quirks about you or share something that is different. Your profile picture should also be relevant to your new branding.


As you are changing your look and re-introducing your brand, it’s important to announce it! At first, I didn’t know how but, having a content planner really helped me. I scheduled a post every day to slowly but surely show my followers my brand changes.

Conducting surveys also helps people get excited for the new face of your business. I started Instagram polls every day to grow engagement and had a great response! Clients started to ask questions, schedule commissions, and share my posts. I also reached out and connected with other small businesses that I admired.


This is a crucial step. It is extremely important to be proud of yourself and your new branding! It will reflect on to your customers and they will be proud with you. This step will help grow your business because your confidence will show in your work. Potential clients see this in your online presence and are more likely to reach out to you.

It is the most exciting thing when you start to get new followers, get a new order, or feel like you’re finally getting there. Just remember, it takes time and patience. But it also takes positivity.

I want to keep growing my business but, ultimately my goal as an artist is to bring joy to someone else with my art and abilities. As I re-invented my brand, I always kept that in mind. When you take these steps, keep your motto and your goals in mind. It’ll make this, the best re-branding ever!

Written by Janelle Martinez-Cruz

You can find Janelle's artwork on her Instagram page @froggieflor or on her website here.


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