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This Artist Gift Guide includes everything you’d ever want to give yourself or an artist in your life! These are all products that I️ have personally purchased or that I️ want to purchase this year to hit the ground running in 2022. I broke them into categories so that you can find what serves the person in your life.

I️ know you get inundated with holiday guides and gift guides from every store, but I️ am here to provide you with the perfect holiday wishlist created specifically for artists. In here, I️ include everything that I️ am buying myself and my artist friends this holiday season!

*This article may include some affiliate links. If you choose to click, I️ may receive a small commission at no cost to you. I️ only choose products that I️ actually use and love!


Brush Organizer - Artists can be a little messy, give them the tools to organize their studio!

Canvas Organization System - I️ purchased this for the gallery a while ago and it has changed the way I️ store canvases! It is a great way to store lots of canvases in a small space. Plus it's on wheels!

Wireless Charger Pad - If you are like me, my electronics are always dying, especially in the studio. Avoid all of the cords with this sleek charger pad!

Weekly Wall Planner for Expo Makers - I️ love this product! You just put it on your studio wall and you can write on it with expo markers every week! One of my favorite products! There are a lot of designs, so feel free to explore on Etsy.


Vintage Record Player for the Studio - We all love listening to music (or podcasts) while in the studio, but our phones can often be a cause for distraction. How about we go old school and leave the phone outside! I️ have one and I️ love it!

Acrylic Frames for all your little paper pieces - If you are anything like me, the little paper pieces of artwork can add up, even if they are your own. Give them new life and showcase them on a bookshelf with these stunning frames.

Colorful Coffee Table Books - These are great to accent artwork, decorate the studio or home, or to gather inspiration! You can't even imagine how many I️ have in my house!

Warm and Cozy Throw for Cold Studio Nights - My old studio used to get chilly in the winter. Cozy up with one of these great fleece blankets!


Books! - I️ linked to my blog featuring my favorite books for artists

New Planner - A new planner is a great way to get organized and there are some really nice and beautiful planners out there. A nice one can be a great gift on it's own, or purchase the little one I️ just bought and use it as a stocking stuffer!

Canva or Tailwind Membership - Oftentimes we won't treat ourselves to memberships we want or need, but they can make great gifts! These are just two examples, but consider what types of memberships you could give.

Coaching Call! - This relates to the above. Many artists might not be in a place to hire a coach, but what a great gift to give! You could change their business in just one call!

Kindle - Reading is fundamental to growing any business. If you know someone who is always on the go, then a kindle or even audiobook subscription could be a great gift idea!


New Smock - A new smock can be a great gift especially a beautiful one like this one! If you are feeling crafty, consider adding embroidery or paint to make it one of a kind!

Gift Cards- Ok, Ok, I️ know gift cards seem like a cop out, but art supplies are expensive and a gift card to a local or online art supply store can be a great gift!

IPhone Stand - If reels really are the next big thing, this can be the perfect tool! It also is a great investment for any artist interested in teaching online because it really allows for high quality videos.

New Art Supplies - I️ love nothing more than receiving a new watercolor pencil set, new micron pens or even just new canvases. If you know you or someone in your life wants a material, but won't treat themselves, then purchase it for them!


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